Western Accessories

A wide variety of accessories needed to complete your outfit.
Custom canteens, coolers, cuffs, spur straps, chaps, chinks, 1/2 chaps, journals, wallets, and many other items including custom soft or hard leather cases.


I have made many custom gun belts and have also made many other types of belted items such as cartridge belts, Quigley belts, shotgun belts, bandoleers, and trouser belts.

Knife Sheaths

I can build a custom knife sheath for nearly any knife. I can offer border stamping, full stamping, exotic inlays, fully carved patterns, and various Native American styles in a design that you choose. 

Since 1993

Superior Leather Work

I am very happy to introduce my art to everyone. I have been working with leather for over 40 years so far. I started with the Al Stohlman’s techniques but through many years of practice I have added many other styles as well.

I am generally known for very precise lettering and very detailed carvings.

Once completed, the carvings are often painted, dyed, or resist dyed in a way that helps to highlight the carving and images.

I generally use Hermann Oak leather which assures that the product and the carving will last for many years. Many of my pieces were made with the intention of being later passed down as an heirloom.